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Years ago, before my first column was published I was so nervous. What would people think of my writing? Would my written words be understood, could my thoughts touch someone?s heart?

I was pleasantly surprised from all the positive feedback and encouragement, even from people I didn?t know. Now on the eve of the arrival of Guardian Spirit, those nerves are again feeling raw. Only a handful of people have read this novel, and they have expressed their delight with it, but I?m still anxious.

My dear wonderful, loving? okay too much, let?s start over again, Jerry my husband of 34 years has been telling me ever since I retired to write full time, that if I ever got published he?d read my stuff, and he was true to his word.

Finally, when I received the galley copy a couple of weeks ago of Guardian Spirit, he sat down on a Saturday and Sunday and read the entire thing! You might not think this is a big deal, but when you live with a man who only reads the newspaper, believe me it is. Seriously, Jerry had only read one other book since college.

That weekend of the reading was so strange. No TV blaring, just me, and Jerry with my book in his hands! I totally left him alone, and didn?t question him until he was finished. About a fourth of the way through it he stepped into our camper at the river and commented, ? This book?s too long.? I just laughed. Think how long it was for me writing it and editing it at least 25 times.

Now believe me, Jerry is not a man full of compliments, and I was scared to death because I knew he?d tell me the truth. When he finished he came back in the camper tossed the book on the couch and said, ?Well I read it.?

?Okay, that?s great, what did you think??

?I don?t have a lot to compare it to, since I?ve only read one other novel? in my entire life? but? it was good. Reminded me of that other book I read, The Shack!?

Whew! Guardian Spirit had passed the test. I did ask Jerry one other question.

?Do you think people will be disappointed?? He simply said, ?No, they wouldn?t be disappointed.?

And that is my wish for you. As you pick up Guardian Spirit, I hope you are entertained, and I want your heart to feel the emotions of its characters. I pray all of you will like it, and its okay if some of you even love it!

As Guardian Spirit reaches the eyes of readers this week, I can only wish it

God speed!

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Kim Wehrle September 18, 2010 at 7:25 pm

I’ve known my cousin Jerry for 50 years and this sounds exactly like him! Bruce and I wish you the best with your new book and we look forward to reading it. Much love, Kim

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