A Servants Heart

The 4th of July is drawing near, Independence Day. Not just a time for fun and fireworks, but also a day to remember those who serve so we may remain free. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. As I sit typing I am in a nice cool home. I have clean water to drink and plenty of food to eat. I?m not afraid to walk out my door in shorts or speak up in church. I can carry a weapon if I have the correct permit and no one is going to censor this blog.

Oh, how we take our freedoms for granted. Freedom of speech: Be careful with this one because the Bible tells us we should listen more often than talk. Freedom of religion: The right to believe any way we choose and to be able to attend church and display our Bibles in public. Freedom to bear arms: I have a small, belt clip 22, but I would really hate to ever have to use it for protection, freedom of the press, and so on. Not all are as fortunate as we are here in The United States of America.

In the good old USA we can start our own business. We can travel without permission, and we can love whom we choose. Not tied to a person through bloodlines or arranged marriages. Yes, with all the challenges we face in this country I still declare that this is the best place in the world to live. And I am so thankful for men and women who join the leagues of our armed forces. By signing their name they belong to the military. They must go wherever they are told. Live wherever they are sent, and report to work even when they don?t feel like it.

I?ve known a couple of men who came back from fighting on the front lines and they wouldn?t speak of the horror they?d seen. For the rest of their lives they will try to block out the terror. Waking up in a cold sweat, remembering what they had to do and what they saw. I know families who have sacrificed time together while mom or dad went on a year tour to a far away country. Mothers have birthed babies, not knowing if it?s daddy would ever lay eyes on it.

Yes, I think we all need to get on our knees and thank God for these special people who get up everyday not knowing what they will be told to do, or where they may have to go. We should honor the ones now serving and also remember the ones who have served in the past.

Before I got married I thought I wanted to join the armed forces. Now after all these years I know I would not have been cut out for it. I hold in high regard the ones who have such courage. There is strength in one who has to take another life so others can be free. It is a dedication that I will never understand but will always respect. God bless to all who have the heart of a servant.

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