A Week of Firsts

Last week was a very busy time for me. In the middle of sending out press releases, working on keying in ?The Color Of My Heart? and playing with my granddaughter, Emma, I had my first live radio interview. I was so nervous. I didn?t have a clue what the announcer, Joel Hooper at WIFM Radio was going to ask me, so I didn?t know what to expect. His first question was so simple, ?Tell us a little about yourself.? I almost froze. I?d been going over possible questions he might ask about ?Guardian Spirit? but I hadn?t even thought about him asking about me. Really I?m only the author? da!

I stuttered through that one and on to the next and the next, ?Tell us about some of the characters in your novel. What inspired you to write ?Guardian Spirit?? Where is the novel?s setting? How long did it take you to write ?Guardian Spirit?? Do you think your novel will help someone who might be in an abusive relationship?? Those are just a few of the questions Joel asked. I hope they might help someone else out there that might someday have their first live interview.

Then on Saturday, I had my first official book signing at Diana?s Bookstore, Downtown Elkin, N.C. I had no idea what to expect. Another local author was there and one of the first things he said to me was, ?Don?t expect too much, if you sell 5 books you?ll have a good day!? Okay, I can live with that I thought. I didn?t have anything to compare to, so, whatever. At the end of the signing, I believe there had been 34 copies of ?Guardian Spirit? purchased, so I guess you could say I had an awesome day!

The sales were of course a highlight, but visiting with people I hadn?t seen in years was wonderful. The bookstore owner?s husband told me at the end of the day, ?I bet you?ll be sore from all the hugs you got today.? I wasn?t sore, but I was hoarse, from all the talking and laughing. So thank you so much my friends and family, especially my cousins from Lexington, for making my first bookstore signing a wonderfully blessed experience. Blessed by the sales but especially, the hugs.

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