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Today?s blog is going to be very short and to the point. Instead of reading my words I want you to listen to them. All day today, Monday, February 11, 2013 I will be featured on ?The Christian Author?s Show.? Today, will be the only day you can hear the interview between Don McCauley and myself.


It was certainly an honor and privilege to be featured on this nationally known show. There are 446 million pages in the Google index for ?author radio? and ?The Author?s Show? is currently #1 in that index.


The interview is less than fifteen minutes long. Tune in and I?ll tell you all about my new novel, ?The Color of My Heart? and what led me to write it.


It?s simple. Follow this link to the middle of the screen and click on, ?The Color of My Heart.? You may have to scroll down to find it. Hope you enjoy. http://www.TheChristianAuthorsShow.com


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