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For the past three weekends I?ve been busy signing copies of Guardian Spirit, at the Pumpkin Festival in Elkin, the Apple Festival in North Wilkesboro, and the Harvest Festival at Shelton Vineyards in Dobson. I?ve had a wonderful time visiting with fellow readers, and answering their questions about Guardian Spirit. At first I was a bit apprehensive about my answers, what could I tell them to spark their interest? Should I make my main point the domestic violence issue or talk about the Indian themes and the, ?Trail of Tears??

As the first week progressed into the third, I began feeling much more comfortable. The story of Millie Madison and her children flowed from my heart. The tale of how she and her children, Sadie and Sammy escape from an abusive husband and father. They run to the cabin in The Blue Ridge Mountains that belongs to Millie?s grandmother Ann. Then I describe the setting of the novel, which is between Sparta, North Carolina and Roaring Gap, North Carolina, and that the picture of the cabin on the front cover is the actual place where Millie hides her family. This captures the interest of all the locals. I think it?s good to mix a bit of reality with fantasy.

Then I tell the listener of how the Indian?s Guardian Spirit helps Sadie and her family get away from her mean father. By then you?ve either captured the imagination of the one listening or you?ve bored them to death, and they politely say, ?Is this your card, can I order on line??

?Of course you can, thank you.?

And that?s okay. If everyone liked the same genre of books, then the world of publishing would be an awfully boring place. Simply put, I might like something that a hundred other people hate, or vise versa. As of the past few years I have found I am enjoying all types of genres. Last week I purchased a copy of the second in a series of UFO books. I never thought I?d be into that, but after reading the first one, I have to see where the second one is going.

Anyway, it has been a wonderful three weeks of signing copies of Guardian Spirit. I thank each and every one of you who have purchased a copy, or just listened to me as I rambled on about the characters. The feedback and reviews have been so great. My publisher, Lucky Press got this review from Midwest Book Review.
?Highly recommended from Lucky Press is Sarah Martin Byrd?s deftly written novel, Guardian Spirit.?

Thank you so much Midwest!

Now onto this weekend and The West Virginia Book Festival, in Charleston, West Virginia. I?ll be there with the publisher of Lucky Press, Janice Phelps Williams and three other Lucky Press authors. I will sign copies of Guardian Spirit on Saturday from 11-2. Nicholas Sparks will also be there speaking and signing his latest novel. Do you think he?ll have more fans than me? No way!

(On Facebook last week I posted that something strange happened to me as I again visited at my Great Grandmother Ida Pruitt?s home place. This time I took my beloved Aunt Lafayette. We had a wonderful day with Cousin Junior. As we went through the house he again pointed out the many photo?s that sits around of his deceased wife of twenty years, Loretta. The love he still has for that woman shines through in his voice and eyes. As we were leaving I saw a family portrait of Junior, Loretta and his two daughters, Vicky and Michele hanging on the wall. I raise my camera to take a picture of the photo, and when I click a bright light flashes and covers Loretta?s face. Junior is standing over my shoulder and sees it too. I ask him to turn the light off and I?ll try another shot. I line up the camera, click the button to focus and there the light is again, still covering Loretta?s face, I click anyway. Junior say?s, ?What the heck.? We look around and there are no other lights on and no sunshine coming through the window. I hold my camera up to try one more time, but there the light is again. I don?t click this time; I know there isn?t any use. A reflection, or an angel? Go figure.

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