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This past weekend kicked off another fun-filled season of festivals in, and around my hometown of Elkin, North Carolina. After being mostly inside all winter, snuggled up to my computer it felt so, so, good to get out into the world. I felt like a caterpillar bursting forth from its cocoon. Now free to once again socialize, visit old friends, and meet new ones. If you know me you appreciate the fact that I?ve never met a stranger. I just simply love people. Though I must admit, some I can do without after the first encounter. For the most part I just enjoy getting to know a person.

At the Jonesville Jubilee in Jonesville, North Carolina, I was thrilled when some of my old friends dropped by to see me: Gloria and her mom, Tammy, Hal and Bonnie, and Billy and Lori, to mention a few. My very dear friend Dare would have been there, but she?s in the hospital. Please say a prayer for her.

Yes, it is hard work standing up all day attending festivals. Most of the time you?re either too hot or too cold. The wind is blowing all your stuff off the table, or the dark clouds overhead are threatening to poor out their bounty. At the end of the day I am hoarse from talking too much. And, my back and legs ache, but it is all worth it.

This year I am especially looking forward to seeing all my friends at the festivals. I finally have an answer when you ask me, when I?ll have a new book coming out. This fall! I?m also pretty excited about a children?s Christmas picture book that I?ve been working on for a few years.? Lord willing, and my illustrator comes through, I should be able to release it this fall also. I think I am more excited about this second and third book release than I was with my first one. I was scared to death a year and a half ago when I first held, Guardian Spirit in my hand. I thought, well, here it is. Now what do I do with it?

I?m not much wiser than I was then, but at least I?m not as scared. One of the biggest reasons is because I?ve got so many readers, friends, and family who encourage me and lift me up every day in one way or the other. You don?t know what a blessing you are when you come and want to talk to me, to share a thought or two about my writing, or, to ask my advice about something. Like I said before: I?m not much wiser, or smarter, than I was about all this book writing, publishing, editing stuff, but, if I can help in any way I?m more than happy to. Why? Because that?s what friends are for. If one falls down, a friend should be there to help him up.

Then there are the new friends I made this weekend, like Ann Black. I felt so privileged that she would share the details of her soon to be released novel with me. The story is about a woman in Yadkin County who had a lawsuit brought up against her in 1955 for practicing medicine without a license. There is so much more to her story, but I won?t spoil it for you. I will however let you know when it is released.

I also met another local author, Dr. S. Jason Couch. He has recently written and published a historical book called, Images of America, Elkin. He and his wife is such a nice couple. I enjoyed swapping publishing stories with Jason. If you haven?t seen Jason?s book, look it up on Amazon. You can purchase it online, or if you?re in Elkin, I?m sure Diana?s Bookstore stocks it, as well as Elk Pharmacy. If you?re from in or around Elkin the book is a must have.

As I wonder back through the years of my life I remember childhood chums. Some, who were once close, are now distant. And others who were only acquaintances are now cherished friends. I have found that some friends, are friends for life, and others are fair weather friends. But, a true friend is closer than a brother.

When I think of the word friend, so many faces flash through my mind. To try and name you all would be impossible. But, if you are one of the truly special people in my life you know who you are. And, I just want you to know how very blessed you make me feel. I pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up. And I also pity the man who has no one to share his joy, or sorrow with. Blessings to you all.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

Footnote: You never know who might show up at a festival. Virginia Foxx attended The Jonesville Jubilee on May 5. I’m not much into politics, but Mrs. Foxx was nice enough to send me a congratulations letter when my first novel was released, and I really appreciate that.

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