Grasping the Moment

It?s a Saturday and I?m sitting on my deck at the river. Rain is pinging off the tin roof and thunder is clapping, echoing between the mountains. Canoers and Kayakers are frantically paddling to get out of the stormy rain. You haven?t lived unless you?ve been caught in a canoe during a thunderstorm. With nowhere to go but down river there isn?t a whole lot you can do but grasp the moment. (Note: the safe thing to do is get out of the water. Pull the canoe out and flip it upside down over your head. However, make sure you?re not sitting under a tall tree. Lightning can strike the tree and travel through the roots to where you?re at and kill you. I saw this very thing happened to three of our cows many years ago. Poor things. Flipped them onto their backs, legs sticking straight up in the air. Not a pretty sight or memory.)

Another remembrance of long ago happened Saturday, February 22, 1975. I met my husband on a blind date. Today we are celebrating our 35th anniversary. Thankfully after all these years we still enjoy spending time together. No, the ride hasn?t always been smooth. No, the path has not always been clear. But thankfully, and by the grace of God we?ve weathered the storms. We?ve paddled down the river of life. Sometimes not knowing which fork to take, but thankfully the river carried us home and back to each other.

In 1975 I would never have dreamed after 35 years I could care more deeply for someone than I did then. It is however frustrating living with a person who is always right? And, does it bother me that his snoring sometimes keeps me awake? Yes. But would I trade him for all the silver and gold in the world? No. We are a team, a somewhat perfect mis-matched pair. Many may wonder: Aren?t you bored living with the same person all these years? Not me. There is never a dull moment at my house. My husband loves to live. He works hard, but then he likes to play hard too. He?ll kill me if any of you mention I?ve written this blog about us. He told me a long time ago, ?Write all you want, but don?t write about me.? Most of the time I listen to him, because most of the time, yes, he is right. But this time I?ve just got to tell the world what a lucky woman I am. Truly blessed beyond any quantity of measure to have a good husband.

Trials and temptations come to all of us. No matter how much we love someone or are in love we never know when that union might be severed by death, infidelity, or just plain stupidity. I learned a long time ago never to say never. We are all human. So for every day the Lord blesses this union with my man–I?m going to be thankful.

You should treat one another as a precious gift, and when you lie down at night ask yourself this question: If you knew you were going to pass away and you could only tell one-person goodbye, who would it be? My answer would be the man I?ve lived with for 35 years. Sorry Jerry, I just had to do it. Thank you for all the memories, and the times that have took my breath away. It is a wonderful gift from God to be able to say, I not only love you?but I like you too.

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Maria Tilley June 22, 2011 at 10:47 pm

Beautiful words Sarah! (I can’t wait to stop at your house and tell Jerry I read a story about him!!!! Lol! )

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