Guest Blogger Bennah Lightbody

Guest Blogger Bennah Lightbody

Welcome to another guest blogger from Carteret County. I have to admit this story reached right in and shattered my poor old heart into a thousand pieces. Bennah says she enjoys writing because it is a way to express her self without getting pity or being judged. I know you’ll enjoy her heart-felt story.

Bennah Lightbody

8th Grade

Broad Creek Middle School

I was eleven months old. My mother has put me in my car seat. I have no idea what traumatic event is getting ready to happen. We get to the pre-school and pick up my two year old sister Noelle. My mother starts the car again and we hear the soothing sound of a smooth running car engine. As we drive down the road it becomes clear to me that my older sister recognizes the wildly shapes flying by my window, so I begin to get excited.

When we arrive to our destination I recognize the figure coming towards the car, it?s my beloved grandmother. My mother hands us over to our grandmother and speeds away. My sister and me were excited at first to see our grandmother, who we love very much. But we missed our mother. When my dad arrived later that afternoon, with eyes filled with tears we noticed something must be wrong.

Days without seeing our mother turned to weeks, then to months. Now it has evolved into years. Where has my mother gone is the question my sister and I ask ourselves every day.

We also ask: Was it our fault? Were we not good enough? Were we a burden?

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