Hunting, The Big Dawg Way

It?s strange sitting at home on a Sunday morning. The temperature outside is hovering around freezing, the sidewalks, parking lots and porches are covered with a thin sheet of ice so instead of taking a chance that someone might fall and break a hip, or ankle, or wrist, the powers that be have called off Sunday School and Worship Service at my home church, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, State Road, NC.


So what?s a girl to do with herself when she?s got a free morning? She writes of course. I have some exciting news to share with you. My ?little brother,? that is by the way not so little will be starrBig Dawging in his first episode of Big Dawg Outdoors. My brother, Scott Martin will be co-hosting with another guy named Scott, Scott Boger that is.


My ?little brother? is eleven years younger than me so that?s why I call him my ?little brother.? Who would have thought when we were snotty nosed kids that he would have his own hunting show? For that matter who would have ever thought I?d have three books published. I reckon the Martin clan is just full of surprises. Next we might bungee jump off the Gauley River Bridge, or climb Mount McKinley? Don?t hold your breath on either one of these things ever happening. My daddy might have raised a couple of pretty adventurous kids but he didn?t raise a nincompoop.


My ?little brother? who said he would never fly in an airplane has certainly had to step outside of his comfort zone when the new television show took him to Regina, Canada on a duck and goose hunt. Other shows have been shot in Pittsfield Illinois, Alabama, Ohio, Traphill North Carolina, and there is even coverage of a kill shot on our property at the Byrd Farm, Elkin North Carolina. They?ll even be doing some salt-water fishing off the coast of North Carolina on some of the shows.


Hunting is not always what it appears. A lot of work goes into every one of these shows. Trust me a big buck does not step out in front of the camera every time the producer says, ?roll ?em.? But tonight you?ll see my nephew; Hunter Martin put the smack down on a pretty good size buck. You?ll also see a bunch of duck and geese fall from the sky, and yes, the birds are eaten and not just thrown away.


Big Dawg Outdoors will premier tonight at 7pm on The Hunt Channel, Dish Network, channel 266. I hope you will spend some time out in the wild with my ?little brother? tonight. And, give the guy a break if he seems a bit nervous. Remember for now he?s just a Wilkes County country boy? but who knows one day you may see him walk the red carpet.


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