I Shall Supply Your Needs

Job 12:12

Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?


When I was much, much younger I looked at the world through a different pair of eyes. I saw hues of selfishness and vanity. I wanted things that I thought would bring me happiness. I had prideful notions that material possessions would bring me joy.


A few years into my marriage I had a six-month old baby and I wanted a new house. I thought, oh if only I had this new home I?d have it all. But with that new residence came mortgage payments, taxes, higher electric bills and a burdened husband. I wanted to be a stay at home mama, but my husbands business was at an all time slump, and each day when he came home I saw the weight from the roof of that new house weighing heavy upon his shoulders.


One day when he came home I said, ?Let?s sell this place.? That day I had driven by a small piece of acreage with a mobile home anchored on it. At the bottom of the drive was a for sale sign. I jotted down the number and called to ask the price. I said to my husband, ?If we sell this ?new? house we will have enough money to buy the ?old? trailer free and clear.?


I learned a valuable lesson from that experience. Don?t jump into something when your gut is telling you to stay put. The three years that we lived in that little two-bedroom mobile home were some of the best times of our life. I was able to be at home with my toddler, help tend to my sister?s little girl and most of all I didn?t have to see the worry in my husband?s eyes every day. I love the old saying: Little is much when God is in it.


During my youth and long into my twenties and thirties when I wanted something I was usually selfish and didn?t ask God what He thought. I, like most of you out there figured I knew better than He what would make me happy. Oh how very wrong I was. I am thankful that the conglomeration of years made the smart part of my brain grow. Or, I might say, with age came wisdom.


Another situation that happened many years ago sticks in my mind. At the time we were living in my Grandpa and Grandma?s old homeplace that we had purchased in 1982. Our water supply came from a hand dug well that was only about 60 feet deep. When it rained hard our water would get muddy, and sometimes the sand at the bottom of the well would mess up the foot value and we?d have to have the sand pumped out, and, we were always re-priming the pump. Needless to say we needed a new well, but we put it off for years.


Then one day we made the decision to bite the bullet. We called a friend to break out his divining rod. I?ll never forget that day. With the willow branch in his hands he walked back and forth on our property, always coming back to the same spot just up from the grey weather boarded feed barn. I couldn?t help myself and latched hold of that rod and tried it out for myself. Now don?t ask me how it happened but sure enough that willow branch started drooping down in the same spot it did when our friend held it in his hands.


The well puncher was called and for several days I listened to the thump, thump of the drill pushing through the hard rock. Finally, the day arrived when he hit water, not just a little, but eighteen gallons a minute. I was ecstatic! I had always had to be careful not to over work the old well and run it dry, now I would have all the water I would ever need and more, and it would never be muddy again.


But?there?s always a ?but? isn?t there? When the well man started putting the casing into the well it caved in. He had to start all over again. A few days later he announced that he had hit water in the new hole. This time there was only four gallons a minute. I was madder than a speckled hen trying to save her nesting eggs from a sly old fox.


I let my husband and the well man have it. ?What do you mean only four gallons a minute? There was eighteen in the hole right beside this one.? I ranted and raved and my blood pressure raised several digits. Then suddenly a small voice whispered in my head, Sarah, I have given you all you need. To this day tears come into my eyes when I remember that day when the Lord spoke to me.


I have never forgotten His message. When you think you don?t have enough and you want more, more, more. Remember God?s words to me: I have given you all you need. God supplied my needs, maybe not my wants, but my needs were met. What more should we ask for? Sometimes we have tomatoes in clumps, other times only a few. Either way wersz_bunch_tomatoes have enough.

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