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rsz_1ambassador_book_clubI am excited! Last week I picked up The River Keeper, my fourth novel from my editor. The second edit is finished. Now it?s my turn to get to work. I love doing revisions and this second round doesn?t look too bad, not nearly as many marked up pages as the first re-write. However, it will take me a few weeks to get through all 467 pages.


During the next month or so I may become a bit slack writing my blog. I plan on putting all my creative energy into The River Keeper. I?m going to be posting some excerpts from my already published novels, Guardian Spirit and The Color of My Heart as well as giving you a taste of the life of Callie Mae McCauley, my main character in The River Keeper.


This week I wanted to let you know about something new that?s going on at my publishing house, Ambassador International. A couple of weeks ago Publicist, Alison Storm started ?The Ambassador Book Club.? You can feature one of Ambassador?s book titles in your book club and then invite the author to be a part of your next meeting. The author will join your discussion for 30 minutes via phone or Skype.


Simply go to the website below to review a list of authors currently available to attend your next book club gathering. And, of course I?m on the list.


The Ambassador Book Club page is now live:

Alison Storm, Publicist at Ambassador International promoted the new program a few days ago on a local broadcast in the South Carolina:





On another note for all who have been keeping up with my mission to find out more about some of the abandoned cemeteries in my neighborhood you?re not going to believe what I stumbled upon a few days ago. I?ll be posting about it when I?m able to research the situation a bit more. I will say this: What if you built your house over a cemetery and didn?t know it? Trust me, it could happen. More to come?.




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