Are miracles still taking place in this crazy, topsy-turvy world we live in? Yes, I believe they are.

What about the ability to get up in the mornings? Isn?t it a miracle the way blood pumps through our bodies, and our lungs retract and expand, pulling life-giving air into our being? Man can do lots of things, but he cannot create a living, breathing, spirit filled man, woman or child. If you still don?t believe in miracles think about this.

How did you feel the first time you held your newborn son or daughter? Amazed, scared, humbled? I know I was scared to death. Don?t you think the ability to bear children is a miracle in its self? Not to mention when grandchildren come along and they snuggle up to you during naptime or wrap their fist around your finger. At eight-years old my granddaughter Emma is all grown up. But, sometimes she forgets how big she is and will grab my hand as we are walking side by side. And when she spends the night, in sleep she?ll still snuggle up to me. These are the miracles that go unnoticed by many.

I also believe God is still in the healing business. Not just our sick, broken bodies, but also our spirit. God has given scientists and doctors the ability to transplant organs, to develop cancer fighting drugs, and medicine to prevent polio. Do you honestly think without God, our feeble minds could do all of that? A broken spirit can also be easily healed. All you have to do is pray and ask The Lord, and you?ll be soaring with the eagles. A spirit at peace is worth more than any material thing you?ll ever possess.

The above are some pretty profound miracles in my life. Then there are the miracles that happen when we selfishly pray for things that we really don?t need, but desperately want. A little over two years ago a publishing company contacted me about my novel, Guardian Spirit. I had sent them a query and they were asking me if they could publish my book. This was something I had prayed about for years, and now it was really going to happen. A miracle.

For those of you who know the publishing business you realize getting published by a traditional publishing house (that?s a publishing company that you don?t have to pay to get your book published) is pretty rare. That is unless you are already famous, or know somebody high up in one of the big New York City literary agencies. For me it seemed impossible.

Could this miracle happen twice in my lifetime? Yes, it could. This past Saturday I received a signed contract from, Ambassador International Publishing. The contract says that my next work, The Color of My Heart will be published sometime late this fall. A miracle? Yes it is.

We never know why some things happen. For lots of reasons, my first publisher, Lucky Press will not be publishing any more books, but God provided, and along came Ambassador International. I will forever be thankful to Lucky Press for believing in me and giving my work that first chance to be read by the world. I truly believe all things happen for a reason. Even when we think things are going badly, God has a plan.

This past year and a half has been some of the most challenging months of my life, but also the most rewarding. Why, because many years ago, God created a girl named Sarah. He had plans for her. Plans to prosper and do well. He had a plan to use her to spread His word.

Yes, God has preformed many miracles in my life. He lifted me up out of the churning waters of the Atlantic Ocean in 1978 and saved me from drowning. Why, because He had things for me to do. In my own strength I am no more than a weak kitten. But, with God?s grace anything is possible. All you have to do is believe and live in the shadow of the cross. Don?t let the miracles all around you go un-noticed and un-appreciated.

John 3:2

The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.

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