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When I woke this morning I knew the sky was overcast because the light of a new day was not sneaking through the mini blinds. No, I didn?t sleep until noon; it was a few minutes before seven. As with most mornings I stretched and rolled over, relishing the feel of cool sheets and a soft pillow. Then as usual my head started filling with the duties of the day.

The domestic stuff first, dishes, laundry and such. Then I knew I?d write this blog and send out a few agent queries and write a page or two, or ten on my new novel. After the house chores and before the writing I hopped on line and checked my email and facebook messages. While chatting with a gentleman who was interested in purchasing my novel, ?Guardian Spirit? I started reading a fellow author, Jessica Bell?s blog post. It really hit home to me. She spoke about trying to do so many things at one time that we lose the joy of doing them.

How right she is. I thought of my favorite time of the day. Most people will think this is crazy but it?s the forty-five minutes I sit in car line waiting for my granddaughter to get out of school. I use this time to do exactly what I want to do, to read. Most of the time it?s a novel, sometimes I take my Guidepost and catch up on my devotions or the newspaper. I have been known to have a copy of the World Book Encyclopedia with me if I?m doing research. This is the only time of the day I feel like I can do exactly what I want to do and not feel at fault.

Why should I feel guilty about doing nothing? Isn?t it about time this old girl has a little free time? I?d like to be able to leave my pajamas on all day. To get up and start the day without a load of have-to?s bearing down on me. To be able to do my favorite things like snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket in front of the gas logs or wood heater and drink coffee or hot cider all morning. To be able to sit and read a novel from start to finish in one day.

I?m sounding pretty selfish aren?t I? I?m not complaining. I have the best life a person can possibly have. No one puts any pressure on me but myself. I am my worst enemy.?Can a person change who they are? Can we be something we?re not? No, I don?t think so. I?ll never be able to leave my gown on all day or sit idle doing nothing. But I do promise to remember to do a few of my favorite things each day and not feel guilty.

Jessica?s blog made me realize that I take life much too seriously. I need to remember to enjoy doing the things I love to do, and not just hurry through them so I can get onto the next project. I have five bird feeders hanging on tree limbs in my back yard. I fill the feeders with food for two reasons. The first being so the birds will have food, the other so I can stand at my window and watch them. Now whose fault is it if I don?t take the time to watch those birds as they come and go?? Who is to blame if I wake up on my deathbed one morning and realize that I have hurried through life and missed the best parts?

Psalm 46:10 says, Be still and know that I am God. Maybe I?ll heed the Word and do just that. So, talk to you later. I?m off to pour a second cup of coffee and find that novel I?ve been reading. Isn?t that what you?re supposed to do on a rainy day?

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