My Resolution Not To Resolve!

After Christmas it?s clean up time at my house. When the tree comes down, the neat freak/anal compulsive what ever in me comes out. This year I even organized my decorations as I packed them away in plastic tubs, now if I can only remember my madness next year and find everything.

This year as I reflect back I wonder, other than my closets, cabinets and drawers what else needs cleaning up? I do not make New Year?s resolutions. Yes, when I was much younger I?d make my list. But as wisdom came with age I realized, if I couldn?t lose a few pounds in July-bathing suit weather, why would I be able to lose them in January when I could cover up all the rolls? Why would I, all of a sudden on January 1st try to live a richer life, treating others and myself better? Don?t you think we should resolve to do that everyday?

My boss at The Tribune wrote a column this time of year about ?His Favorite Things.? I always enjoyed it and thought about writing one of my own, but soon realized it would be a very long blog, and there would be no way I could thank everyone for the most amazing year ever!

Next year there will be one less thing I?ll have to speculate on. I won?t have to wonder, will I ever get one of my novels published? That dream came true in 2010. What a tremendous thing to happen in the life of an author. I am so thankful for each one of my readers who have sent me notes, and encouraged me to hurry up and get the next novel published. My family has been so supportive, especially after reading my stuff and actually liking it. I am blessed with the best home team ever. My publisher, Janice Phelps Williams at Lucky Press probably didn?t know what a country bumpkin she was taking on when she sent me the contract to publish ?Guardian Spirit.? I can only hope I haven?t been too much of a nuisance. Thank you Janice for believing in me.

As I look forward to the next year I know that the clean up, neat freak lady in me will prevail. I hope I can throw out all the things in my life that drag me down, those unproductive thoughts that try to darken my spirits, the uncertainty of tomorrow, our health, wealth, happiness. I hope that I will be able to enjoy each day as a precious gift. To be able to live like there will be no tomorrow. To be happy in the moment, no matter what I face.

This morning I threw away three pairs of old socks. Two pair had holes in the toes, and the other was badly stained from wearing them while using the weed eater. It?s not an easy thing for me to throw items away, but sometimes we must, or there won?t be any room in our lives for new things. Adventures, road trips to places unknown, the anticipation as a new character forms in my mind and the voices in my head as those characters reveal the mysteries of life. The thrill of a new year and the release of another story can only be topped by a peaceful night at home, settling in on my end of the couch as something silly plays on TV, with my life mate right beside me.

If I were a resolution maker this would be mine for 2011. Love deeper, care more for those who could care less about me, and never, ever forget where I came from and be more thankful of where I?m going because of the sacrifice of a man called Jesus!

Happy New Year!

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Melissa Kline December 28, 2010 at 9:28 pm

What a wonderful post Sarah! I agree that we should resolve to live life to the fullest everyday. I like the awareness that comes with a New Year and the opportunity to start over fresh. I am excited to see where 2011 will take us through our publishing adventures. Can’t wait to read your book! :) Wishing you a very Happy New Year! ~Melissa

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