Orphaned, but not Fatherless

A few weeks ago I noticed a birds nest sitting high up on the rafters of the shed that covers our camper at New River. I soon made friends with the mother bird. I watched her as she traveled back and forth to her nest. She would fly in and perch on a nearby two by four cautiously checking me out. She must have been wondering what kind of person I was and if I was going to be a good neighbor.

When I arrived at the camper the following Friday I was again greeted by mother bird. This time as she hopped along the rafters toward her nest she had a juicy red worm dangling from her mouth. As she approached the nest a loud chorus of chirping started coming from above. Then I saw three or four tiny bird heads, necks straining, and their beaks open and ready for dinner. I stand amazed at how God created everything. How He knows that mother bird and her babies. Always supplying food for their bellies and twigs for making a home.

With Mother?s Day behind us and Father?s Day only a few days away I consider the care we receive from our Mom?s and Dad?s. How they work to fulfill our wants and needs. I think of my Mama who has been gone for almost three years and my Daddy who passed away nearly twenty-nine years ago. I sometimes ponder on the fact that I am an orphan. A friend of mine said this to me several years ago when her last parent passed away. When she said, ?I am now an orphan,? that really stuck with me and made me think.

Childhood memories of good and bad times surface. No parent is perfect, so as I reminisce I?ll shut out the bad and only dwell on the good–Mama cooking a delicious supper, and Daddy lying on the couch snoring after a hard days work. Mama?s fingers moving as she made beautiful crocheted dollies–Daddy?s sour cherry trees and red-rose bushes–so many reminders and memories. The old saying, ?gone but not forgotten? is truly right. One day when I?ve passed on I hope my daughter will only remember the good things about me and forget all my mistakes. She is such a wonderful mother herself.

At the end of the day when I lie awake and think of all the years that have gone by I miss my loved ones, but I have hope. I know that no matter what happens I have an eternal Father, one that will never die.? A Father who has withstood all the tragedies this world has to offer. One who is always watching out for me, full of advice if I will only seek it. Yes, what a comfort to know that even though my Mama and Daddy are gone I will never, ever, be Fatherless!

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sharon mitchell June 14, 2011 at 12:54 pm

Thank you for sharing these beautiful words Sarah!

Debbie Jordan June 14, 2011 at 10:30 pm

On this day, with what I have experienced, I know that the words you have written were for me. Thank God for your friendship and wisdom! I am truly blessed to have you in my life!

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