Signed, Sealed, and Delivered in November

Well it?s official, my third novel, The River Keeper is now under contract. For all of you who have been patiently waiting for my new book, the tentative publish date will be mid-November. I know that may seem like a long time, but how do you think I feel since starting this novel in August of 2011? Yes, I?ve been working on this little jewel for almost three years. And, I must admit I had to make myself send it to my publisher. I wanted to critique it just one more time and add a bit more creative history, but then I realized if I didn?t let this baby loose soon I would be dead and it would never be published. So, I let it go.


rsz_new_riverI was a bit nervous about sending The River Keeper to my publisher, Ambassador International. The story, and writing style is very different than my last novel, The Color of My Heart. However I was pleased with the publisher?s response, here?s what he said, ?Sarah has here another sweeping tale. The story conveys many messages and I believe may find an audience beyond the younger adult. Frankly quite fascinating. Characters are very believable and as with all good stories, great ending. I learned a great deal about our region as I read selectively in the work.?


This book is very special to me. Growing up on the Big Elkin Creek I came to love and respect the river. A river is ever changing. It grows with the rain and diminishes without it. It is home to so many creatures: Mud turtles, all kinds of fish, snakes, crawdads, mink, muskrats, hellgrammites, minnows, geese, and Lord only knows what else. Since buying a small lot on New River several years ago I have seen her full-to-overflowing, and so low and clear that I could count the rocks that lie on the bottom.


A river is a mysterious creature. She is alive, ever flowing, full of character, taking care of everything that lies in its waters and crawls along the bank. What would happen if you lived along the water with your family and one day you saw that river surge over the top of your house and wash your kin away? Would you hate the river, curse its name and turn your heart against it? I believe it would be tempting to do just that, but you know what? A river has no control over how much rain falls into it or how much snow melts and runs down into its depths.


In 1940 eight-year old Callie Mae McCauley sees her family swept under by the raging waters of New River during the highest flood level on record in Grayson County. She knows she should hate the river, but she doesn?t. In fact she works her entire life to save the waters of the New from being dammed up by a hydroelectric power company. She, as well as many others believed that the New River Valley should stay just the way God made it. The battle cry of the people who worked so hard to preserve and protect the New River Valley still sounds loud and clear, ?New River ? Like It Is.?


The story is fiction but it carries many historical truths. I hope you enjoy The River Keeper as she takes you away with the current, the ride might be a bit rough and wet at times, but the thrill of the swells will be well worth the journey.



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Kim Wehrle July 11, 2014 at 4:56 pm

Can’t wait to read your new book and to see you again! Love, Kim & Bruce

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