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What does a girl do when she puts her coffee bag, (it?s just like a tea bag except it?s coffee inside the bag) in her coffee cup, runs it full of water, sticks it in the microwave and one minute and forty-five seconds later when she takes it out the water is still cold? I?ll tell you what she does. She gets a sauce pan from the cabinet, pours the coffee bag and water into it then puts it on the stove and turns the burner on high and waits for it to boil while she is calling the microwave repairman.

I had no idea how much I depended on my microwave. I?m a sipper. Every morning it takes me from one to three re-heats to get my cup of coffee down the hatch. So since last Wednesday I?ve been rushing my usual morning routine. I have to stay focused and drink my coffee fast before it gets cold. Where?s the pleasure in that?

I?m not the only one missing the fancy oven. My husband had to literally heat up a can of soup on the range the other day. His statement went something like this, ?If I?d known it was going to be this much trouble I would have eaten something else.? Now if that isn?t spoiled I don?t know what is.

The kicker was a few nights ago. My granddaughter and I were about to settle in for the night with a good movie. I went to the pantry to grab a pack of microwave popcorn, and as my hand was reaching in I remember the microwave is broken. But never fear I have a bag of kernels in the fridge. I proceed to get a pot and pop it the ?ole timey? shake, rattle and roll way. It turned out pretty good, but I have to admit I love the new Orville Redenbacher bowls. No shaking, no pot or bowls to wash, and it?s actually really good. Yes, I am what you would call, spoiled rotten.

I got to thinking about other ways I?m spoiled. Once upon a time I had to roll my long hair on plastic curlers and wait for it to dry naturally. Now I have a blow dryer and curling iron. My clothes dryer is another luxury. I don?t even have a clothes line stretched outside anymore. We pack firewood between the posts. I do however have a few lines strung up in my basement. I might be spoiled, but I?m always prepared. That?s one reason we have a wood stove in the basement.

I could go on and on telling you about all the wonderful modern things we enjoy. What about this computer I?m typing on? Back in the ?90?s when I really got serious about my writing I bought a used computer for $200, printer and all. The poor thing had a mind of it?s own and I eventually went back to hand writing everything. In fact my first three novels were handwritten. I can boastfully say that I have now graduated to a higher level. My fourth novel was conceived on my iMac laptop. I?ve come a long way baby.

I really don?t think we realize how very spoilt we are. Could we survive if the power was shut off for a week, month, or year? Think about it. No lights, water, electric stove, fan, AC, hairdryer, alarm clock, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, freezer, television, radio, or microwave! I do remember those days. My grandpa lived in a house at the foot of the Brushy Mountains with no power, and he got his water from a spring down the hill. Now that I think about it I deserve to be spoiled. Shucks, I didn?t even have an inside bathroom and hot water in my house growing up until I was ten years old!? Yes, I think I could survive without most of the modern luxuries, but let me tell you I wouldn?t like it, not one bit.

I think back to the days when men hunted the land for food and not for sport. A woman?s day was filled with preparing and preserving food for her family. That was just the way of life back then. My granddaughter asked me the other day if I?d ever looked at the face of a squirrel up close? It seems a friend?s dog or cat had killed one of the poor little animals and Emma had inspected it closely. When I told her yes, I?d seen lots of squirrels up close she looked at me real funny, like really. Then I proceeded to tell her about helping my daddy skin squirrel?s to eat and she quiet frankly didn?t believe me.

Doing without a microwave for a week has really made me appreciate it. If we think about it we treat people like fixtures sometimes. Things, and loved ones we have around us everyday usually get taken for granted and sometimes go un-noticed. Look at the people around you and think about what it would be like if they suddenly were not there. One minute the microwave is fine the next it?s in the microwave hospital. Did I appreciate that microwave enough? No, not until it wasn?t there. Something to ponder about, don?t you think?

Here?s another excerpt from, The Color of My Heart. My publisher tells me I might have cover designs to choose from this week. I can?t wait to see them.

For the next two hours, Lila, Inesta, and Lakin sat by Nelda?s side. They watched her chest rise and fall as the breaths came in irregular intervals, and then stop for what seemed like eternity. Then she would rasp and start up again. Now and then her frail arms would reach up, and her hands would stroke the invisible air.

?Me-maw, what is she doing?? Lila asked.

?She?s touching Jesus? face. See the smile and tears coming from her eyes? She?s touching our Lord?s face!?

?Should we go wake Mom?? Lakin asked.

?No, child, it?s not time. Jesus is just comforting her, showing her how to let go and begin her journey home.?

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