Spring Forward, Fall Back: Exactly What Time Is It Anyway?

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Does anyone in the world think there is something wrong with messing with the sun?s true time, or, ?standard time? as we call it? Frankly, I?ve never understood it. When I was a youngster I enjoyed the longer days. I could romp around in the woods and play outside until bedtime. As an adult these longer summer days are not filled with play, but work.

Daylight savings time wears me out. It?s hard to shut down. By six or six-thirty every day I like to make my way inside. Stir up some supper, take a bath, and relax. But now that daylight savings time has been declared, there?s three more hours of daylight at six o?clock in the afternoon. It?s hard to stop doing outside work when there are weeds to pull, beans to pick and sunlight left to do it in?? To go straight from busy to bed is impossible for me. Therefore, I do not like setting my clocks forward.

I really don?t get it. In early March it doesn?t get dark until six-thirty. What?s wrong with that? If we keep the clocks on standard time by June it will be daylight until seven or seven-thirty. Isn?t that enough daylight to get everything done outside that we need to?

The first recorded mention of Daylight Savings Time was way back in 1784. Benjamin Franklin didn?t like the idea of changing the time. Franklin said, ?People need to get up when the sun rises.? He even proposed that church bells should be rung and cannons be set off to wake people at the crack of dawn. That?s where his slogan, ?Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,? came from.

I tend to agree with Mr. Ben Franklin about keeping the time by the way the Lord set the sun in the sky. The old saying, ?It?s not nice to mess with Mother Nature,? surely applies to daylight savings time. But what?s a body to do? I?ve known old timers to keep their watches set on standard time during daylight savings time. A couple of times over the years I?ve been stubborn and left my watch on standard time too. But that gets frustrating after a while, and I give in and adjust my watch to man?s time, not the suns.

There are many countries around the world that do not use daylight savings time, including one state in the good old USA, Arizona. So unless I want to move across the country I guess I?ll have to accept the inevitable and spring forward just like everybody else.

But, that doesn?t mean I have to like it. There are documented assumptions as to why daylight savings time is a good thing, but nothing has been completely proven to back these assumptions up. No studies have shown that by going on daylight savings time more energy is conserved. No one can prove to me the world is a better place because of the time change. To me it?s like telling God He is wrong, of course we humans know better than Him, so we?ll just change time.

When we take it upon our selves to alter the rotation of the earth I think we?re really messing up. During daylight savings time when the sun is straight overhead it should be high noon, but it?s not, it?s one o?clock.

Before fancy time pieces our ancestors looked to the sky for the time of day. I?m sorry, but I think God knows a bit more about the sun than we do; after all He hung the darn thing. He plainly told us in Genesis that he gave us the sun for several reasons and one of them was for signs. Like, here?s your sign, look at the sun if you want to know the time of day. Something to think about, don?t you think?

Genesis 1:14

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

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