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Last week I heard an author being interviewed on the radio. The Dee-J asked the lady how she handled being so busy, writing novels, photo shoots, and magazine articles? The woman responded by saying, ? Oh, that?s why you do these things while you?re young.?

Really? So, busy ?young? author lady? Does that mean when you?re ?older? you don?t have the energy to pen a novel, or stand around while someone snaps your picture? What would my grandpa say, ?Blame whipper-snappers.? Yes young lady, when youthful I did have more zip, God made us that way. There was work to be done, a child to raise, a home to maintain and bacon to be made. These days my stamina may not be as enduring, but my ?want to? is just as intense as it was when I was much younger, maybe stronger.

The biggest difference now that I?m older is, I have a clearer vision of who I am and what I want to spend my energy doing. I am more purpose driven. I don?t just throw something out there in hopes that someone will publish it. I want my words to entertain, and to also help and inspire others. I believe that as long as there is still a dream in your heart, you?re never too old to pursue it!

Speaking of dreams, there is another one getting closer to coming true. For nearly two years I?ve randomly been looking for an illustrator for my children?s stories, Wayward Adventures? from Skunk Cabbage Bog. These stories are a spin-off series from my recently published novel Guardian Spirit. I really wanted my sister to do the illustrating, but after a few months she told me she just couldn?t draw anymore. How sad it is that she has never used her talent. Did she lose the skill or just the will?

Then there were a couple of other hobby-artists I asked, then another and another but none ever came up with any sketches for me to look at. That is, not until this past week. It?s too early to know if this partnership will work, but I?m keeping my fingers crossed. The artist sent me some of her sketches and they are exactly what I envisioned for my stories. Country settings, beautiful colors, and all coming from the hand of one who paints from the heart. She is an old friend who I?ve recently re-connected with. From just the few conversations I?ve had with her, I can tell we have a spiritual connection. I don?t know where this will lead but I believe a couple of middle-aged, (okay maybe a bit older) ladies are getting ready to live yet another one of their dreams!

I am so excited and will keep you posted as this next chapter plays out. Over fifty and still dreaming!

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Annette J. Billings November 6, 2010 at 7:35 am

You go my friend. Age is just a number. Being a member of the “50 Something” club is wonderful. We’re as young as we feel, well, maybe not all the time, but you know what I mean. Best wishes on this next adventure….You’re the best!

Janice Phelps Williams November 9, 2010 at 9:48 am

When one is older they are more focused, less distracted by anxiety, less prone to inaction due to fear of failure because they’ve already failed at something, and no big deal, just another way that didn’t work. Being an older woman means those around you have learned how to meet their daily needs and don’t look to you for everything and you don’t feel you have to provide everything. It means you know where to go for answers, having found out whom to trust in that area as well. Being older is being more concentrated; stronger, surer. Older folks require less sleep, less food, less affirmation. We are intelligent, and know what is important in life. We have faced our biggest fears and sorrows. We have read a lot of books, talked to a lot of people, visited a lot of places.

Who would think that would not make us a better writer, a more capable multi-tasker, a wiser human being? Wise enough to know when asked how we do so much that an answer isn’t necessary, but a “Thank you, I do have a lot of interests,” would be sufficient.

But we must forgive “young folks” for talking off the top of their heads. It is not easy to be on a radio show, no matter what one’s age! I get the same “how do you do so much?” question quite often, the last time from someone in their twenties when I was at the WOUB studio. She said she was tired from working and going to school and her bosses were commenting on her fatigue. I left thankful that I was not in my twenties any longer!

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