The End

This week marks the end of the shortest month of the year, February. All sorts of wonderful things happened this month. My birthday, my oldest nieces 40th birthday, fourteen inches of snow, and my husband Jerry and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date 39 years ago, February 22nd, 1975. To commemorate the occasion we took a little road trip down toward Savanna, Georgia and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


On Friday the trip started out sort of soggy, raining on us the entire way to Savanna. But as we arrived the skies cleared to spotty patches of blue and white and we were able to stroll down River Street. This being our first trip to the oldest city in South Carolina I didn?t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the cobblestone streets and quaintness of the area. Fortunately there is so much to say about the town I will designate an entire blog to it in the coming weeks.


After spending the afternoon in Savanna we moved on toward Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. About thirty miles from our destination we stopped on Route 17 and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express for the night. A nearby Subway restaurant fed us supper and we were ready to turn in for the day at like 9pm. Needless to say I am not the party animal I once was. A lot changes in 39 years.


We rose early like most old folks do and were on the road toward Hilton Head before 8am. We had heard from friends that there was a really great campground at Hilton Head and sure enough, Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort and Marina is awesome. It is located on the Intercoastal Waterway and from what we saw as we drove through it is every bit as charming as our friends said it was, probably the nicest campground I?ve ever seen.


We found the island to be very unique, with palm trees and green foliage covering up all the commercialism. I had to really look hard to spot signs for restaurants and such. We didn?t expect to see a Walmart and Sam?s on the island but they were there nonetheless, hidden behind a barrier of leaves and vines.


We went from one end of the island to the other trying our best to catch a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean. Finally we found a public beach access. Parking in the lot we had to feed the meter fifty cents to leave our car so we could see what the beach looked like on this affluent island. A half a mile walk delivered us to the flattest beach I?ve seen since driving on Daytona Beach many years ago. Hilton Head beach is a beautiful place in February, not soiled by hundreds of people sporting bikinis and suntan oil. I imagined what it would look like in a few months as the sun seekers poured in from the many condos that set back from the ocean?s pull.


After taking a short stroll on the beach and finding a pearly white shell for a souvenir it was time to move on. From Hilton Head Island we traveled toward Beaufort, the second oldest town in South Carolina. This Beaufort is not to be mistaken for Beaufort, North Carolina. Before getting to Beaufort we headed out to a place called Hunting Island State Park. This park is maybe one of the prettiest parks I?ve ever seen. Driving down the one-way road inside the park I felt just like I was on a deserted island with Gilligan and the cast-a-ways. Except for the road through the park the area seemed untouched by the world. There is even a lighthouse, which once warned a weary sailor of the perilous coastline inside the park and for a mere two dollars you can climb to the top.


A little farther down the road we ran into a security gate that stopped us from visiting Fripp Island. It seems that the really rich folks that own this island don?t want common people like me to get in. I did get a picture of the tip of Fripp Island where the intercoastal waterway empties into the Atlantic Ocean. It was beautiful watching the calmness of the waterway meet the cresting waves of the ocean. Sort of like life, one day you?re flowing along full of peace and tranquility the next your head smashes against the forces of nature and you?re filled with confusion and chaos.


The most interesting part of our trip was the moment I spotted the sign that designated the end of US Highway 21. Being raised along this corridor it fascinated me to actually find the spot where this road ends. ?From the Mountain to the Sea? is the highway?s slogan, 394 miles of two and four lanes roads from Wytheville, Virginia to Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina. Meandering through Beaufort, Port Royal, and Parris Island to Fort Mill, South Carolina merging with I-77 around Carowinds, Highway 21 then travels by Huntersville through Statesville and onto Elkin, and then passes The Blue Ridge Parkway and on to Twin Oakes and then into Independence Virginia, through Mount Rodgers National Recreation Area to Wytheville.


But as all good things must come to an end our trip was over too quickly. There are many ending in life, the end of the day, the end of a month, the end of each moment, the end of life on earth, and the end of the road. What we do between the beginning and the end is what is important. For me its loving life as I experience it. Each day is like opening a present. Around every bend is a surprise. As we travel through the days of our lives may we live to experience the wonderful things God has blessed us with. The world is full of riches, not just monetary things but simple things like making memories with the ones we love. I can?t wait to go on another treasure hunt into the world, and thank you Jesus for your sacrifice that assures me that there is no end to eternity.


Revelation 22:13

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.rsz_end_hwy_21rsz_lighthousersz_fripp_islandHunting Island

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Patti Chulick February 25, 2014 at 12:14 pm

I enjoy this post so much. We have been to Savannah, with friends; and to take it all in, takes more time than we could ever afford. We were also to Beaufort; and I must say, if I ever wanted to live anywhere else in this country, it would be Beaufort. You always have a way of teaching in your posts; that, is so attractive and draws me in. Thank You.

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