The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

Almost two years ago, knowing I am an avid reader, a friend suggested I read The Shack by WM. Paul Young. She went on and on about how life changing the volume was. Upon seeing the shelved book, the cover immediately drew me in. But then I read the back cover? ?Young girl brutally murdered.?? Oh no, I knew what was going to happen, the worst possible thing, a child killed. Did I really want to put myself through the horror?

But I bought the book anyway and dove right in. I was hooked from the Foreword. Mack?s childhood stroked a chord of pain deep within me. Before Mack ever talked about his ?Great Sadness? I felt it. The story of young Missy?s disappearance ripped my heart out. The ugliness of human nature is personified in ?The Little Ladykiller? as the murderer is called.

Then big old God, A.K.A, Papa steps in, as a large beaming black lady, then there comes the Holy Spirit, a small distinct Asian woman, and when Jesus appears with His jeans covered with wood dust my mouth is gaping open. I totally got it! When the Holy Spirit collected Mack?s tears, I felt the feather touch of mine being captured in Her bottle. Believe me you?ll just have to read? the? book!

Most all of us have felt ?The Great Sadness?. Children, parents, grandmas and grandpas, siblings, aunts, uncles and friends have passed through life to the other side. Now they dwell somewhere with Papa. How comforting is that? To me that?s what The Shack is all about. God?s promises are magnified in this book. He said He would send us The Comforter, The Holy Spirit and He does. All we have to do is open up our heart and let Him in.

I can only hope Guardian Spirit will touch lives as The Shack has.

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