“The Manger Mouse” is Going to Mast General Store

I am so excited! Matty, the manger mouse has found a new home at Mast General Store in Boone and Hendersonville. That?s right. Matty has crept into the hearts of those Mast General Store executives, just like he quietly sneaked into the manger to sleep at baby Jesus? feet the night Jesus was born.


When my publisher, Ambassador International emailed me several weeks ago and told me they were talking to the corporate office at Mast General Store about possibly stocking my, and Debbie?s (Debbie Wall is the illustrator) little mouse book I was beyond words. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but if you?re in the book writing business you know that to get your work into any big retail chain is an accomplishment.


And, not only is Mast General Store going to stock The Manger Mouse, they have invited Debbie and I to both locations for book signings. We will be in Boone, NC on Friday December 6th from 1pm until 5pm. And the next day, Saturday, December 7th in Hendersonville, NC from 1pm until 5pm. This is the perfect opportunity to come out to either one of these wonderful stores and do some Christmas shopping. What better gift than a signed copy of the greatest story ever told, the birth of Jesus?


For those of you who haven?t been introduced to Matty the manger mouse I?d like to share a couple of reviews:


?We just bought and read your book “The Manger Mouse”. We bought it today at the Pumpkin Festival. My granddaughter that we bought the book for is being brought up in a Christian home. The meaning behind this book will carry with her for the rest of her life. I read it to her with tears in my eyes. We were able to feel the presence of the Lord as we read it. We have been so blessed to be able to own this book for our home. Thank you for following the Lord in writing it. I would recommend this to anyone…adult or children… there is such a blessed meaning to the story!”



?Oh my, Sarah, the Manger Mouse is wonderful. I actually cried reading it. I am so proud of you. Your love of the Lord comes through in the book. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story that tells of the “greatest story ever told.”



?All of Sarah Byrd’s books have heart and soul, and “The Manger Mouse” is no exception! It teaches us that no matter how small and lowly we may feel, that God always has a greater plan for our lives. When Matty, the baby mouse found the courage to step away from all he had known, he found “the greatest gift ever given”. This book is beautifully illustrated and is for the young and the young at heart.?



?There are so many lessons to be learned from this book, but the one that I felt touched my heart the most was the fact that God can use us all. It does not matter whether we’re tall, short, weak, or strong. We don’t have to be the most popular or the prettiest creature to grace this earth. He has a plan for all of us and has graciously given us all gifts and talents that He has given us to use. Sometimes the gifts we give don’t seem very important in our eyes, but God sees what we do and the intentions that are intended. Sarah is so gifted and is using her talents. Everyone needs this book, especially when you are feeling low in spirit.?



Thank you to all who have reviewed The Manger Mouse. If you haven?t posted a review on Amazon, I would appreciate it if you would go to Amazon.com and look The Manger Mouse up and post your own personal review.


Matty, Debbie and I are looking forward to seeing you at Mast General Store.



On another note, I?m looking forward to being at the Third Annual ?Christmas in Clingman? event this Saturday, November 23rd at Clingman Community Center, Clingman, NC. The festival will be open 8am until 2pm. Debbie Wall, the illustrator of ?The Manger Mouse? will be with me at Clingman signing copies. Proceeds from vendor space will purchase Thanksgiving dinners for families in the area. Please come out and support this community event.mast-general-logo

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