The Mysteries of Life

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Once upon a time on a cold winter?s night in a land not so far away two ladies were engaged in separate battles. One a beautiful princess lay dying of a terrible disease. She knew she would not see the light of morning. The princess longed to find comfort and give in to the pleas of the death angel. He was beckoning her to let go and come with him. But how could she? To do so would mean leaving her teenage daughter, son, mother, father, sisters and brothers. The princess did not know how to say goodbye.


Meanwhile in a castle not far away an older queen sits in her chamber. She is alone. No one understands her. Can?t someone see inside and know that all she wants is to be loved. But no one comes to sit by her side. No one cares. Her children live far, far away, her siblings have abandoned her and the king is always busy with kingly duties. As the aged queen ponders her days she realizes none needs her. She thinks the world will be a better place without her. No one will even know she is gone. The stately lady opens the bottle of poison and drinks the lot of it.


One lady waging a desperate battle for her life while the other destroys hers. Yes, this story has the notions of a fairy tale, but sadly it?s true. One of my best friends sisters passed away a few days ago. Lisa was barely in her prime. The rigors of fighting a cancer that would not go away took its toil and she finally let go and grasped the death angel by the hand. She had fought the good fight. Her battle was won. The other lady, the queen she is a family member who on the same night Lisa was dueling with the death angel, the queen willingly decides to end hers.


Why could the older queen not give her life to the princess who fought so hard to keep hers? How can one person so easily throw away their mornings, evenings and nights? Neither of these ladies lived a fairy tale life. But the one who could not stay with us was the braver of the two. Why? Because even though her body was racked with pain she had a will to live. She did not want to selfishly shed herself of her struggles and worries. She was willing to live in pain rather than die in peace.


The elderly queen who drank the poison did not perish. She was spared. For what reason she does not know. She was given a second chance at life. Is there justice in that? Shouldn?t the one who wanted life so desperately live and the one who did not die?


That is the question many of us ask in situations such as these. One day we will know the truths of this old world and understand the mysteries and mazes. We will see our entire block of life and we will rest assured that God has always been in control. Even when situations seem unfair. My friend lost her baby sister that night, but the queen was granted another sunrise.


The End


Ephesians 3:9

And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:?

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