Through the Eyes of Children

The sounds of a spring morning lighten my mood and make me smile. Birds chirping, the neighbors dogs barking, and across the way a farmer?s John Deere tractor chugging along as the plow blades cut into the red clay. Glorious springtime!

Everywhere I look there is new growth. Grass, trees, garden vegetables, and our ten-year old white pine trees look as if they have grown a foot. The Dogwood and other flowering trees in my yard are absolutely lovely.

The outside world is not all that is growing and changing. Last week while visiting the?6th ? 12th graders at Carteret County I witnessed young minds expanding. Heads filled with wonderful stories, and eyes a glow with excitement as we created tales together. What a privilege it was for me to share my writing experiences with these young people. I?d like to congratulate them on their behavior. They were so attentive and polite. Carteret County Administration you should be very proud!

I?ve have always heard that we may never know how we have influenced someone. I can only hope that these young people will take my advice and never give up on their dreams. Again, I?d like to thank Carteret County for inviting me to their beautiful county. May I always see the world through the eyes of children?


Today?s post will be very short. My aunt who has Lou Gehrig?s disease is getting much worse so most of my spare time has, and will be spent with her in the coming weeks. I will continue to post on Tuesdays, even if it is a few short lines. I welcome your prayers for my Aunt Lafayette.

I do however have some very good news. Guardian Spirit is now available in an ebook format. You can go to and download the Kindle version in a matter of minutes for only a few dollars.

Happy Spring to you all, see you next week!

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Laura Corraro April 20, 2011 at 10:51 am

Broad Creek Middle School Faculty, Staff, and students loved meeting you and were inspired by you! You have a wonderful way of relating to all students (or should I say, people)-both in your presentations and in your book, Guardian Spirit, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading!! In fact, I didn’t put it down until I finished it! You are a very special lady; thank you for sharing your magic with us!

Cathy April 21, 2011 at 6:10 pm

Oh the eternal mystery of how we influence others, and how different that influence might be from our intentions!

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