Totally Out of Control

Sometimes the world just will not stop and leave us lone! Have you ever wondered why things happen? Good things, bad things? In the midst of the storm, as the thunder cracks and the lightning bolts plunge to the ground, do you hide your face in fear, or do you reach your hands up and embrace God, the only One who can put on such a show?

Control. I simply can?t stand it when things happen in my life that is out of my control. This statement is coming from an anal compulsive control freak? from me, the lady who lines up our four remotes on the coffee table from longest to shortest. The woman who will not leave home with the dishes dirty or the bed unmade. Most of the time I just do these things out of habit and don?t think much about it. Then comes those times in my life when there isn?t a thing in the world I can do about a situation. I can?t fix my uncle?s prostate cancer or deliver my aunt from the evil clutches of Lou Gehrig?s disease. I can?t keep my daughter and granddaughter in sight every moment ever watching over them. I?m not able to control the illnesses of babies and small children or stop the aging process of loved ones, or myself.

What life really boils down to is that there is not a human in this world that is in total control of his or her life. Sure we can live right, and up hold the law. Drive the speed limit and tithe, but when it comes to the really big decisions? well truth is I?m glad I?m not the one in control. Can you just imagine if we were the ones calling the shots in life? To be the person who decides its time for someone to be born or to die, the one who decides whether it will rain or snow today, or if the wind will blow or be calm. Thank goodness I?m not the one making these decisions. We think the world is in a mess now, what would it be like if humans were the ones controlling the tides or telling the sun when to shine.

When it comes right down to it, I am so thankful I am so totally out of control!? Aren?t you glad you don?t know the future? If we did, then we?d probably just lie in bed everyday with our heads covered up. To wake up every morning and know that today will be full of surprises is an awesome feeling. Some things that unfold will be good and others bad. But it will be a day that The Lord has made for us. We can choose to find the good in it or let the tragedies drown us in self-pity. I don?t know about you but I?ll take each day for what it?s worth. I?ll bask in the glow of the sun or I?ll snuggle into my old grey jacket if the cold wind prevails. I?ll skip to the mailbox if I feel good or I?ll walk a little slower if my backs out.

When you sense your world is spinning totally out of control and you feel helpless, just realize you might be ?helpless? but not ?hopeless?. The Changer of the seasons knows what He?s doing. We can only trust, keep our chins up and try to enjoy life as it spins totally out of control! I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

God Bless.

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