Vacations Are Too Much Work

I know. I?ve slipped through the cracks the past couple of weeks. Sometimes a girl just needs to fall off the radar. I?ve been on what some call ?Holiday.? Webster?s Dictionary says holiday is a day of rest from work. Well, I beg to argue. Just because you?re not at work and on ?Holiday? doesn?t mean you?re not working.


On a recent six-day trip to Florida, I got out of bed earlier than I normally do each morning, walked more miles every day, stressed about flying in an airplane, and wondered whether or not I?d have a bed to sleep in at night. Doesn?t sound like too much fun does it?


Here?s my story and I?m sticking to it: In early March I had my travel agent book a flight to Florida for my husband, myself, my sister and brother-in-law. Also booked was a nice beachside resort hotel in Miami, and a rental car to drive down the coast to Key West. And no, we did not see naked people with painted on clothes. You have to go during festival week, which is the week of Halloween to see that deranged sort of thing, you silly people.


We had a smooth flight into Miami International Airport, no problem picking up the rental car, and we found our hotel fairly easy. Upon checking in the desk clerk proceeds to tell me that I have a reservation for four nights, and I proceed to tell her no, I?ll be staying two nights then traveling to the Keys for two nights, then back to Miami for one more night. No, no, no the clerk insists. It took about a half dozen trips to the front desk and a call to my travel agent to convince the clerk that they had screwed up.


Before leaving the resort in Miami I made sure we had two rooms reserved for our return on Friday night. The desk clerk assured me I did. Not! When we tried to check in on Friday we were told that our rooms were ?out of order.? What? But, I have my travel voucher? and you told me two days ago our rooms were booked. Again I?m told your rooms are ?out of order.? How very odd that both mine and my sister?s room was ?out of order.?


Then the desk clerk from the resort in Miami hands me a voucher for a one-night stay eight blocks down the street at a one star Days Inn. Now don?t get me wrong. I think most Days Inn?s are very nice, but this one was built about fifty years ago. Like me, that motel has seen it?s better day. And besides, I had already prepaid $150.00 a night to stay at a beachfront resort. The desk clerk at the Days Inn told us our room for the night was $79.00. Go figure.


Don?t think for one minute that just because you have a voucher that you are good to go. I figured out what happened. Upon checking in for our first two-day stay we did not agree to listen to the resort?s 90-minute time-share garbage. So they not so politely kicked us out of our room so they could rent it to some other sucker who would listen to their spill.


What gives someone the right to treat people this way? I?m sorry folks, but what happened to us was just plain wrong. And should be illegal. I?m not going to drop this. I?m sure we?re not the only people who have been shafted by this resort.


I suppose the moral to this story is: If you want to be positively sure that you?ll have a bed to sleep in every night, then you?d better stay at home. And, you don?t even need a voucher either. There will be a second part to this blog!



*On another note: What a foolish thing to write about my petty problems after watching how that tornado mangled people?s lives in Moore, Oklahoma yesterday. May God have mercy on them.rsz_miami

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