Wake Up World, It’s Festival Time

Genesis 8:22rsz_easter_flowers

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.


Spring is probably my favorite time of the year. Even though with each change of season I get a little giddy looking forward to the transformation that each will bring. The beginning of springtime for me is not a date on the calendar. It?s when the Easter flowers start to bloom and the weeping willow down by the old springhouse begins to sprout green leaves. The maple pushes forth her fiery red buds and the hundreds of frogs in the pond below my house start serenading me with their, ?I?m happy to be alive song.?


Even with the weather being much colder here at my hometown in North Carolina this year, spring is still upon us. In spite of the ground temperatures my lettuce patch and row of onions are bursting through the earth, seedtime is here. I just love to look out over the treetops and see color coming back to the barren winter days. In just a few more weeks the small mouth bass will be biting in New River and all will be right with the world.


After taking a couple of months off from this crazy world of writing books that I live in I?m gearing up for another year of attending festivals. Last year was a wild ride waiting on the arrival of my first children?s picture book titled, The Manger Mouse. A delay in production only gave me a couple of months to market the book before Christmas, but it was just as well since the book sold out very quickly. A second printing will take place in late May so hopefully I?ll have plenty of copies to sell this year.


My first festival will be this Saturday, April 12th from 10am until 4pm at Bridges Academy located on Pleasant Ridge Road in State Road. The extended forecast looks like we?ll have a sunny day, even though the event will be held inside the gym. One never knows when she signs up for a festival months before the event is to take place what the weather will be like. In the almost four years since my first book hit the streets I?ve weathered the blazing sun, frigid cold, rain, storms, and strong winds. It?s sort of like the change of seasons, one never knows what to expect. Be prepared is my motto. A girl can?t have a big enough bag to haul her stuff in to these events.


I?m also very excited about my new novel, The River Keeper. I?m still sort of up in the air about where this book will land, but I?m confident that when the time is right this novel will find a home. If I have not learned anything else on this writing journey I?ve learned one must be patient. A book does not just happen; it is a process sort of like the change of seasons. First the book is born from a thought or happening, then the words sprout and find their way to a sheet of paper. During the summer of a novel?s life the words grow and fill many pages, then when fall is upon us it?s time to refine the harvest. Then before you know it?s winter and the book is mature and ready to be released into the world.


I am almost ready to push my new baby out of the nest, but it?s hard for a mother to let go. I appreciate all my readers and their patience. I also want to thank you for encouraging me to hurry up with ?the next one? as you all call it. In the meantime if you haven?t read my work please come out and visit with me at one of the upcoming events where you can purchase a copy of all three of my books, Guardian Spirit, The Color of My Heart, and The Manger Mouse. Here?s a list of the events I have scheduled so far:


Book Signings


April 12th Bridges School, 9am-4pm, Pleasant Ridge Road, State Road.


May 3rd Daniel Boone Family Festival 10am-5pm, Downtown, Mocksville.


May 31st Rural Hall Birthday Celebration 9am-4pm, Covington Park, Rural Hall.


June 28th High Country Festival 10am-4pm, Boone Public Library, Boone.


July 5th Ashe County Christmas in July 9am-7pm, Downtown, West Jefferson.


July 19th Farmers Day 9am-10pm, Downtown, China Grove.


July 25th Blue Ridge Mountains Arts and Crafts Fair?? 2pm-7pm, Crouse Park, Sparta.

July 26th Blue Ridge Mountains Arts and Crafts Fair (continues) 9am-5pm


September 27th Yadkin Valley Pumpkin Festival 9am-5pm, Downtown, Elkin.


Mount Airy Autumn Leaves Festival Downtown, Mount Airy.

Friday October 10th 9am-9pm

Saturday October 11th 9am-9pm

Sunday October 12th 12pm-6pm



So wake up world, winter has turned to spring and it?s time to get outside and enjoy the beauty that God so graciously allows us to enjoy.




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