Whirlwind Affair

Since Matty the manger mouse was dropped off at my door via a FedEx truck almost three months ago I feel like my life has been caught up in a whirlwind. I?ve been blown all across North Carolina and even into parts of Tennessee and Virginia. Four of Matty?s stories were even air mailed to Colorado this week. I feel like Jennifer Grey in the movie Dirty Dancing. One minute you?re on a nice leisure vacation, spending time with your family at a fancy resort on Lake Lure, then all of a sudden you?re falling madly in love with Patrick Swayze, a man know for his ?dirty dancing.?


Though my relationship with Matty the manger mouse is completely platonic, I have been spending way too much time with him and neglecting my other ?affairs.? Such as, finding an agent for, The River Keeper, and marketing my novels, Guardian Spirit, and The Color of My Heart. The worst thing is I have completely had to shut down the creative side of my brain while doing all this traveling around the country peddling my little mouse story.


My next children?s book is coming to life in my head, and the characters voices are beginning to shout? write this down, don?t forget this line? what about this plot twist? If I didn?t have this blog for creative release my brain would probably explode and a hundred million words would come flying out of my noggin.


I am so very thankful that The Manger Mouse has been well received, but now as we come to the close of the Christmas selling season I can put little Matty to bed, (not literally) and move on to something else for a little while. The Manger Mouse has exceeded all expectations and is considered ?sold out? for the season, though I do have a few more copies to finish out the six more events scheduled between now and December 21. My publisher, Ambassador International will begin taking orders for Christmas 2014 starting in January.


After leaving Mast General Store in Hendersonville this past Saturday, my husband drove me up to Lake Lure, and then on rsz_lake_lureto one of my favorite spots, Cades Cove. I had a couple of days to relax and reflect. As I looked out over the waters of Lake Lure I thought about the movie that was filmed there, Dirty Dancing. Though the movie was pretty risqu? and provocative when it was released back in 1987 it?s underlying message is one we should all embrace.


We should never judge a book by its cover. We should open that book up and see what?s on the inside. The outside may seem poor, and look dirty and torn, it might even smell, but should we care what it looks like? Shouldn?t we yearn to see what is written on the inside, in the heart? Matty the manger mouse is just a lowly mouse, but his message is touching people everywhere. If God can use a lowly mouse, then don?t you think He can use you and me?


(If you would like to purchase a copy of The Manger Mouse, Debbie Wall, the illustrator and I will be at the Holiday Open House at Fairfield Inn on CC Camp Road, Elkin, NC this Saturday, December 14 from noon until 7.

And, on Sunday, December 15 from 1 until 4 we will be at Salem Creek, located on Hanes Mall Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC.)

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