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I have experienced lots of proud moments these past ten months since Guardian Spirit was released. So many people have told me how they fell in love with the Madison family and all my animal characters. I know I?ve been neglecting my literary work while tending my sick aunt, but now I?m back on task and typing away. Last week my publisher at Lucky Press, LLC sent me a message that Guardian Spirit had been added to the?UNC-University Library. Only this morning have I had time to go to the Read North Carolina Novels website and check it out.

I am so proud to be on the list of over seven hundred North Carolina authors. If you go to the Read North Carolina Novels website and click on list of authors, you?ll find my name at the bottom of the ?B? column. Just seeing my name printed there makes me smile. I am so humbled by this and yet excited that someone thought my novel was worthy to be included with so many other wonderful manuscripts set in our beautiful state of North Carolina.

Here?s the review for Guardian Spirit that the UNC-University Library posted:

Sarah Martin Byrd. Guardian Spirit. Athens, OH: Lucky Press, 2011.

Survival for Millie and her two young children, Sadie and Sammy, requires thoughtful planning, strong willpower, and magic. When Millie finally musters the courage to leave her abusive husband, Brad, in Texas and to hide in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, she knows that she is walking into a world of uncertainty. Brad is likely to look for her with a vengeance, so Millie must distrust most people. The medication she needs for her cancer treatment makes using aliases impossible. Finally, nearly a quarter century has passed since she saw her beloved grandmother Ann. Is she still alive? Will she want to see her long-lost granddaughter? Will contacting Ann put her life in danger?

As Millie, Sadie, and Sammy make a cozy home in Ann?s abandoned cabin, Millie introduces her children to the nature of the mountains. Life goes well until Brad begins to hunt for his family and locates Ann.? The family appears to be in jeopardy, and it would be if it were not for Millie?s new doctor, Dr. Townsend. He has been having strange visions of the family, and his elderly Cherokee grandmother tells him about links between the Trail of Tears and Millie?s family?s ordeal. Dr. Townsend and his grandmother are with Millie, Ann, and the children when Brad finds them, and they protect them. When Sadie and Sammy witness their father?s inexplicable disappearance, they realize that their mother was right: there is magic in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I hope you will all join me for some upcoming events this fall. The Bookmarks Festival in Winston-Salem on Saturday, September 10th. Then there is The Pumpkin Festival in Elkin on Saturday September 24th. I?ll be at The Davie County Festival of Books at Rich Park in Mocksville on Saturday October 1st. And finally on my list is the Dobson Fall Festival in Dobson Saturday October 22nd. I have some other events I?m working on and will post them on my website at as they are confirmed.

If you?ve read my novel and would like to post a comment on the Read North Carolina Novels website, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for being so patient with me as I attended my aunt on her journey to heaven.

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