Upcoming Projects

One project I’ve had going for a while now is a progression of children?s books, titled The Wayward Adventures from Skunk Cabbage Bog. The series is a spin-off from my second novel Guardian Spirit; it is a lively set of stories coming from mostly the animals of Skunk Cabbage Bogs point of view. The first two stories are waiting to be illustrated.

Here’s a clip from the first book titled, The Spying Critters.

Wayward Adventures From Skunk Cabbage Bog

The Spying Critters

By: Sarah Martin Byrd

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, lordy, lordy, what are we going to do, someone’s coming, someone’s coming, Hannibul squawked to his sister Heidi.

Oh Hannibul calm down, it’s just that young girl we’ve been watching these past couple of moon changes. And come out from behind that tree limb and quit being such a cowardly chipmunk. I’ve never in my seven season’s known anyone to be so faint-hearted. You’d think an army of humans was coming after you. We do however need to get word to Mr. Estes.

Heidi and Hanibul skittered through the trees and along the ground past the stream that fed the creek.

What’s the rush, Bonnie the beaver called from the creek bank.┬áSomeone’s coming, we’ve got to get to the bog to tell Mr. Estes. You better hide.

Excerpt from a short story by:
Sarah Martin Byrd

Through the years Shaila saw very little of Audrey. That was up until five years ago, then one day Audrey came home to her mama, to the chickens and the house that stands on the rock foundation above the creek and the springhouse.


Shaila had been lost in her thoughts, but quickly answered Tina.

She doesn’t have running water in her house, she has to carry her water from the spring.

No water? How does she wash dishes and take a bath’ or pee?

Well she washes her dishes in a pan, takes a bath in maybe that same pan, and she pees in the johnny house.

Tina again looked at her Gram with a sense of disbelief. She then gazed out beyond the old house to the woods. The same rotten boards that were as on the house were nailed to a much smaller version of the shack, the johnny house.