The Birth of a Mouse

Sorry to be running so far behind with my blog this week. Sometimes there are no words to describe how crazy life can get. Needless to say it?s been a horrific few weeks at my house. But, I?m praying my way through it.

This week I want to share a bit of my new children?s book, The Manger Mouse. At times it has seemed that this little book would never be published. It took me several years to find the right illustrator, but I know that?s the way the Lord wanted it. He had someone specific in mind and that person just so happened to be an old school mate, Debbie Wall. I saw her for the first time in decades at her mother?s funeral a couple of years ago. Our renewed friendship blossomed into a partnership in publishing. The devil tried to get in the way of that too. About half way into the illustrations Debbie fell while training for a marathon and broke her shoulder. She couldn?t sketch for a couple of months and that set the expected delivery date to the publisher back a while.

Now, as sorry as I am to say it, The Manger Mouse has been delayed again! The first launch date the publisher gave me was July 15th, that date was moved forward to August 5th, and now the publisher is telling me because of some unforeseen problems with the printer the book will not launch until later this month. No specific date has been given to me as of yet.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Satan does not want the story of Matty, the manger mouse to be read. Why, because God is glorified through it. The story centers around Jesus? birth. The book will help children see that no matter how small they are God can use them. It also introduces children to salvation.

Below is a brief description:

What really happened the night Jesus was born? Did a small brown stable mouse save the King of Kings from the cold?

Matty the manger mouse doesn?t have a clue what his mother means when she tells him he will take part in the most important thing ever to happen in history. Why him, a meek and lowly stable mouse?

All Matty wants to do is snuggle into the warmth of his mother and fall asleep?but the Creator of the world has another plan for him. Will the little stable mouse surrender to his own needs or bow to the will of the Savior?

Children and adults will be touched by Matty?s brave little heart. As the story of that first Christmas unfolds, come join Matty and all the other stable dwellers?portrayed in lush and charming pastel illustrations.

The Manger Mouse is now available in hardcover and ebook formats via Amazon for pre-order. Or, you can pre-order a signed copy via the contact page on my website:

The birth of this little manger mouse has taken several years to deliver, but I?m confident that we?ll see the finished product in due time. Thank you all for being so patient.


FYI: If you don?t see a blog from me for a few weeks it?s because my granddaughter, Emma and I are going to be having a lot of fun before she returns to school on August 26th. We?re going to camp, fish, swim, shop, and enjoy the wonderful life that God has blessed us with.







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