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Since August is back to school month I am dedicating the first four weeks of this month to the students of Carteret County. Back in April the administration of Carteret County invited me to their schools to speak to the students about my novel Guardian Spirit and to talk about my journey to become a published author. I visited Croatan High, Broad Creek Middle, Morehead Middle, Newport Middle, Beaufort Middle, Atlantic Elementary, and Harker?s Island Elementary. Before leaving each school I offered the students an opportunity to submit a sample of their writing to me. I will be posting some of their creations on my blog site this month. In today?s blog I want to feature an excerpt from two students. Then the following three weeks three more students will share my space.

Why am I doing this: Simply because I like to encourage young writers. I want them to reach for the stars and while on their way I want them to tell us about it. How can their light shine if it?s hidden away in a secret notebook? I want to thank each and every one of you who submitted your work to me. I was amazed at the emotion that flowed into your stories. If you don?t see your work posted it was probably because some of it was a bit too graphic for me. Anyway, I?m going to shut up and let these young people speak. Enjoy these excerpts from Brianna, Geneveive and Megan.

Brianna Pearson

Seventh Grade

Broad Creek Middle School

Dancing- Chapter 3

“Dance with me.” It wasn’t a question.

Turning to meet her eyes, Jadeite saw a challenge burning within their depths. Nodding, he offered her his hand, and led her out to the dance floor. As the pair twirled about the room, the crowd could practically feel the heat emanating from them. Entranced by the music, and more by each other, they never noticed the small crowd they were attracting.

Jadeite could practically touch her soul as they continued to allow the music to guide them. She was wild, strong, and passionate, his Firebird. And he could tell from that look in her eye that he had more than met her challenge. He was her equal–on the battlefield, in court, and on the dance floor. Hopefully, this would be the beginning of something more.

Geneveive Muehlenkamp and Megan Eason

Seventh Graders

Broad Creek Middle School

Dear Diary,

Here I am again. Mom and Dad were, you can probably guess fighting again. I told them I would be back in the house in about 15 minutes. So I can still write for a little while.

I envy you Diary. You don’t have to go through this torture I go through every day! If we could just trade places for a day you would be writing in me the same way I write in you. So people tell me to just live life to the fullest and don’t let anything bother me. But it’s hard when all your parents do is argue.

They probably won’t even remember my birthday next month! They are constantly fighting! Sometimes I wonder if I will have to call 911 so there won’t be any lives lost. I don’t know why they don’t stop. Is it me? What made them hate each other so much for some reason?

Dad comes home late now and Mom tells me that he is probably with another family. But I don’t believe that Dad would do that to us, right? I mean he was the one who married my Mom and had me. He wouldn’t just leave us for another family, right? And Mom is forgetting stuff more now because her new job is challenging to her. Dad said that she does it because she only cares about herself. But that can’t be true, can it? I mean, she does cook for us every night and buys us new clothes and washes them and the dishes and cleans the house. If she did only care about herself, would she do any of that stuff? Well, I don’t think so.

I think they both are just blind to what is really in front of them because of everything that is going on in our lives…

I hear someone stomping past the shed. Well I’ve got to go Diary.

See ya later.


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