Sticky Notes Are From The Devil!

As I sit in front of my Mac, I am looking at 62 ?sticky notes?. Some are pasted on my computer. Others are attached to the wall in front of me, and the top of my desk is covered. I go into a panic when I am running low on these little devils. I like the soft colored ones in light green, blue, purple and yellow. It?s hard to see what I?ve written on the darker ones so I don?t buy them anymore, but trust me; I?ve tried them in all shades.

I know you are wondering, ?What in the world could Sarah have written on 62 ?sticky? notes?? Most of them are ?to do,? lists, things I need ?to do? when I have time. Unfortunately, some have been staring at me for a long while. Others hold the key to the mystery of how to log onto all the crazy stuff I?m involved in. Facebook, Twitter, Pay Pal, Embarq, Skype, Google account, Amazon? the list goes on and on.

Then there are the stickies that contain words of wisdom. Here are a couple of my favorites: ?It is impossible to discourage the real writers ? they don?t give a dang what you say, they?re going to write.? Another one says, ?Ideas won?t work unless I do!? Then there are stickies with scripture, Isaiah 65:24, And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

My favorite stickies are the ones that my granddaughter has scribbled on. I look at them and smile. I bought a small index card holder a couple of weeks ago to file some of these sticky notes away in, but I just haven?t gotten to the note that says, ?File sticky notes in box today.? Maybe I?ll get around to that one tomorrow. Yes, ?sticky notes? are controlling my life. You know how some people never wear a watch, and others like me have one on all the time? I think I?ll do as the ?no watch? wearers do, and throw away my pads of stickies, if I could find them all. I?m just like a chocolate-a-holic! I have them hidden everywhere. In drawers, my desk, beside every phone, my purse, my car, my bible, they?re all over the place!

The invisible sticky in my brain today says, ?Work on editing new novel, ?The Color of my Heart? all day, and do not let anything get in your way.?? Too bad the stickies in front of me are speaking louder than the invisible one. ?Write blog for this week, do laundry, take cake to grieving neighbor?? Well it?s almost noon and I haven?t started the editing yet, but you know what, maybe these sticky notes aren?t so bad after all. They do keep me on tract, and defiantly add color to my life. I?ll leave you with this one other quote that?s on one of those stickies staring at me right now, ?Leave room in your life for some detours.? Always leave a couple of those sticky notes empty every day! Some days you never know what God might have for you to do!

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Janice Phelps Williams November 16, 2010 at 11:50 am

I could completely relate to this post! My desk (and wall) abound with sticky notes at times, so what I do then is take out a notebook or calendar page, write everything down in priority order, and throw the stickies away (until they reproduce somehow and return with a vengence).
When I started in publishing, my boss told me to write down 3 things to accomplish each day. And don’t worry if I didn’t get to anything else. When I get overwhelmed I remember that advice, and it seems to work.
I guess we all develop strategies to meet our goals.
Cake should always come first!

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