When Do We Have Enough?

A few nights ago we watched a movie on The Hallmark Channel. Just love those, don?t you? It was about a woman attorney who wished to become a full partner in her firm. She was obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder and being all-powerful. She was even going to make her staff work on Thanksgiving Day in preparation for an upcoming case. Sounds a bit like Scrooge doesn?t it? Well the movie did run along those lines. The attorney lady had an angelic visitor who fast forwarded her life and showed her just how wonderful it would be if she were a wife and mother. No big salary, no high-rise apartment, no name-brand suits. Just carpooling, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, birthday parties, and lots of sloppy hugs and kisses? and of course poopie diapers!

The divine intervention made the over achieving lady realize that having power and more material things may not always be better. She also found out that trying to push her husband to make the big bucks instead of following his dreams and doing what he loved was a huge mistake. Living with a controlling person can be very stifling. Of course the attorney lady saw the error of her ways and lived happily ever after. Is real life always that way?

What about the elderly couple who just won several million dollars in the lottery? I saw them interviewed and just loved them. The lady had just finished going through chemotherapy. As she proudly sat with her baldhead shining, she said, ?What do we need all that money for? We have everything we need.? What a revelation! Why do we always want more than we need? Why can?t we be satisfied when the bills are paid, our homes are warm, bellies full and we are healthier than most? That elderly couple gave all but two percent of their money away. Why? Because they said two percent would be all they would need to get them through the rest of their lives. How many of us would have done that?

As I made my way outside the next morning I looked around. I saw the blue sky. I breathed in the crisp cool autumn air. The leaves that I had been admiring on our maple tree were now piled on my carport. As I swept them off I watched our six-week old kittens playing, hardly even noticing the mess they had made during the night. I felt the cool frostiness of ice under my fingernail as I scraped it over the windshield of my almost seven-year old Sentra. Then I went back inside my nice warm home and there was my husband. Looking at the clock I saw it was time for my daughter?s routine morning call updating me on how she and my granddaughter had slept during the night, and what she would be doing that day.

All such simple things, but these are the blessings we should be thankful for. To have enough for the day, enough food, good health, smiles, hugs, kisses and love. In our quest for greatness, lets not miss our everyday gifts, the ones we might take for granted. One of my favorite verses of scripture says, ?Be still and know that I am God.? Shouldn?t we just be satisfied and enjoy what God has so richly blessed us with? Be still… ?and be careful what you wish for. More is not always better!

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